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External Roller Blinds

External Roller Blinds

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External Roller Blinds

Help keep the temperature under control

External solutions from BAB Projects are elegant and efficient. When specifying fabrics for roller blind usage outdoors it’s worth noting that we like fibreglass (fibreglass is a natural mineral and its very durable and completely recyclable).

Solar shading with fibreglass can reduce solar light which means limiting heat build-up in a building. Once that happens you can reduce air conditioning if not totally eliminate the need for it.

The open structure of the fabric diffuses daylight whilst blocking direct rays. Selection of colour and transparency play an important role in achieving a good interior light balance.

Our expert advisers can help you consider reflection, absorption and transmission on fabric characteristics.

Our blinds are designed to be long long-lasting.


Natural fibreglass material to help reduce solar light and prevent heat build-up


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